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The act of taking the tip of one's nose inside another person's rectum, and clenching the cheeks with all your might.
While I was eating out my girlfriend from behind, I received a Pucker Winston.
by The Mysterious Hand January 01, 2011
The act of your penis becoming caught within a dried out vagina.
"Damn she had a Venus Fly-trap, I'm glad it doesn't have teeth."
by The Mysterious Hand December 31, 2011
1. A mythical tree with the magical ability to grow potatoes from it's branches.

2. A retarded argument
1. The legendary potato tree has evaded me for far too long, this time I shall find it!

2. "I read a book that potatoes grow on trees!" "Are you fuckin' stupid?"
by The Mysterious Hand March 11, 2011
When your pubic hair is styled as a neat afro around your penis.
Dude your puefro looks like it's strangling the dragon!
by The Mysterious Hand March 11, 2011
A multi-purpose substance used for anything imaginable. Satanic rituals, cleaning windows, unclogging toilets, you name it.
Man, I thought I was screwed when I broke that window...but I just applied some goat's blood and it was all fine.
by The Mysterious Hand March 01, 2011

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