2 definitions by The Murricane

A term used to describe the female genitalia. Some scholars believe the term came into use to describe a big lipped, full, meaty vagina. While others believe it is the vagina's ability to store a mans beef that give the name meaning.
Guy #1 - "Hey, you see that girl in the yoga pants?"
Guy #2 - "Yea."
Guy #1 - "You can totally see her Beef Wallet!"
by The Murricane January 04, 2011
A vagina so filthy that it has begun to look like a dirt matted leather wallet. A Dirt Wallet will often carry diseases and should be avoided at all costs.

Dirt Wallets should only be approached after a thorough cleaning has been completed, and tests have been performed to ensure the Dirt Wallet is disease free.
Guy #1 - "Hey did you hook up with that girl last night?"
Guy #2 - "No, she had a total Dirt Wallet. I almost threw up."
by The Murricane January 04, 2011

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