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An overrated neighborhood in Charlotte County, Florida that likes to consider itself Punta Gorda but is actually closer to Port Charlotte and Charlotte Harbor than anywhere else. It's part of the CDP Harbor Heights. The local property association is a bunch of favoritists that harass anyone that's not rich, black, a Charlotte High School Tarpon, a bank/lender, or a 90 year old snowbird. Basically, they're against the working class.
I live in Deep Creek.
by The Muffin Man 2 June 06, 2009
1: A city in Florida full of rich people (in Punta Gorda Isles), criminals (on Cooper street), whiners (city wide), and 30 mph speed limits (city wide). There aren't any stores in the city limits because the city counsel doesn't allow it. The hosptial offers good care on the first floor but sucks balls upstairs. The high school is a piece of crap known as Charlotte High School and can't move on after losing their "historic school" that was destroyed in Hurricane Charley and has the worst academic record in all of Charlotte County. Any teenager with brains gets his/her parents to sign the paper so they can attend cross river rival Port Charlotte High School in Murdock, Florida to get away from the weirdos at CHS.

2: Fat Point in Spainish
1: I live in Punta Gorda.
2: Punta Gorda, Florida is a punta gorda.
by The Muffin Man 2 June 06, 2009
Someone with no life that goes to wikis (such as Wikipedia) across the internet and causes mischief. Since most Grawps are detected very quickly, grawps are simply wasting their time, and publically humiliating themselves.
Charlotte High School is a hotbed of grawps.
by The Muffin Man 2 June 06, 2009
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