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2 definitions by The Mudrumbler

1. A great victory or triumph over an adversary.
2. A mudrumbler is a person who spends great amount of time Mudrumbling.

3. To completely destroy or eliminate an opponent.
4. To insert your face between an individuals ass cheeks and blow creating a farting noise.
1. Back in WWII the allies completely mudrumbled the nazis.

2. Steve is such a mudrumbler.

3. Johnny kicked down the door and mudrumbled Robert into oblivion.

4. Guy 1: Yo dawg did you hook up with Stacey last night?
Guy 2: Ya bro I mudrumbled that hoe.
by The Mudrumbler January 29, 2010
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–noun, plural -ries.

1. Something that indicates bounds or limits: relating to the amount of brown tolerated before it becomes unacceptable.

Mostly associated with the color of a person(s).
I'm not going to give that man 60 dollars of my hard earned money, he falls far far below my browndaries.


Sure you can sleep with my wife, you fit within my browndary.
by The Mudrumbler November 22, 2010
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