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The sudden unnoticed advancement of time when hanging out with a particular individual.
Wow, it’s 3 am already?! The damn Mulch Effect gets me every time I hang out with you!
#friends #drinking #alcohol #partying #late night
by The Mountain Cat June 20, 2011
Anyone who uses their smart phone to try to impress people. Usually described by someone who does not own a smart phone.
Guy: "Check out what my new iPhone can do! Don't you wish you had one?"

Girl: "Oh, you think you're such a big shot with your Smarty-Pants Phone."
#technology #phones #wise-ass #jokes #geeks
by The Mountain Cat July 29, 2012
How you describe a epic evening with friends that was very memorable for good reasons. (Plural: Nights of Legend)
"Wow that was a Night of Legends last night. In fact the whole summer has been filled with Nights of Legend!"
#friends #fun #alcohol #partying #epic
by The Mountain Cat July 29, 2012
A woman's hereditary disease that causes her to get uptight and nag the men in her family. An imaginary disinfectant spray is the only temporary repellant for Figliuoloitis.
My wife can't help her nagging because she was born with Figliuoloitis. I better go find my spray can.
#uptight #nag #nervous #high strung #angry.
by The Mountain Cat October 17, 2010
A donut that is purchased in the event of hunger. Usually when you travel and have no access to other food.
"The trip took four hours! Thank God I had my emergency donut to keep me going."
#food #travel #driving #emergency #friends.
by The Mountain Cat July 29, 2012
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