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The sorriest and saddest excuse the mainstream music industry has brought. This crackwhore appeals to teenybopper girls ages 10-16, with shit we are supposed to call her "music". She is a disgrace to even the POP music industry, which is bad enough as it is!

She got famous for her popular single "Tik Tok". Right off the bat, anyone with a brain stem can figure out that she at least failed the 1rst, 2nd, or 3rd grade. The lyrics are shitty. The voice is auto tuned. The fuckin' song doesn't make any muthafuckin' sense for crying out loud! It's one of the top downloaded songs on iTunes! How are people this fucking stupid?!

Most of her fans are closed minded and won't accept the fact that she's just an all-around bad artist.

Bottom Line: Ke$ha has ruined hope for mankind that good music will ever come out of the mainstream music industry ever again.
Teenybopper: "omgz leik hear diz song called tik tok by ke$ha...best song evar!!"

Me: "WTF is this shit? I listened to only 5 seconds of this and my ears started to bleed. I'd rather listen to heavy metal."

Teenybopper: "ur just jeluz!!"

Me: "That is just so repetitive. The least you could do is be creative with your arguments, if they even refute anything."

Teenybopper: "watevar!!"
#whore #mainstream music #disgrace #crappy #crackwhore #pop music
by The Motherphucker August 13, 2010
A popular phrase used on YouTube. When you ask someone for a sub4sub, you subscribe them, and they subscribe you, in result, both youtubers gain a subscription. Unfortunately, a large amount of youtubers that do this are kids who have awful videos or (god forbid) no videos. Those who have awful videos just want attention. Those who have no videos look like complete idiots each time someone sub4subs them, looking more and more like a chode. They have yet to realize this. It is rare when a person with good videos asks for a sub4sub, because they usually do not need it. These Sub4Sub whores are usually found on Fred's channel.
StupidKid1: Hey dude wanna sub4sub?!
RegularUser2: No, your videos are horrible, and I don't need to sink to your level to gain subscriptions.

StupidKid2: SUUUUB4444SUUUUBBB?!
RegularUser2: You have no videos. Why would I subscribe to someone who doesn't have any videos? You are a failure.
#sub4sub #youtube #stupid #idiot #fail #moron #video #subscription #subscribers #pointless #annoying #spam
by The Motherphucker June 20, 2010
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