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1 definition by The MothaFuckin Princess

Sick Life is a band from Southern California's Inland Empire / Ontario, CA.

Sick Life was manifested in the summer of 1998 in Jerry Moran (AKA) SICKO's jail cell, then hooking up Jason Hathaway and Javier Guiteres to form the heart pounding, fist slamming music that they call Ghetto Metal. Now finding Jesse Coll and Joe Langlois, they have the full sound and impact of a freight train!! This hard working and very driven I.E. Band has shared stages with KORN, Chevelle, Skindred, Breaking Benjamin, Soulfly, Otep, Hemlock, Prong, SX-10, SIX, Ankla, 40 Grit, I.R.A.T.E., Trapt, and many other Jagermiester Bands. Sick Life has a following appropriately called "Sick Life Soldiers". Sick Life Soldiers are the baddest of the bad and loyal. Like a huge family of angry and tired of being lied to free spirits. We are pro freedom, fuck control & hypocrisy.

Sick Life is: Jason-Vocals Jerry-Vocals Javier-Drums Jesse-Guitar Joe-Bass Guitar

Sick Life Soldiers...'Till Death Do Us Part.
© 04'
Hey, let's go down to the Big Rock and see Sick Life!! Their shit's hard!!
by The MothaFuckin Princess September 08, 2008