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girl who laughs at almost anything, usually an easy target for drunk dudes looking for an easy lay
Jack's after that humor slut Jill, it'll only take him about 20 minutes to get laid.
by The Morning Star February 19, 2006
(noun)-a person who believes he/she is the center of the universe

See also: cockbunny
My girlfriend is a solipsist.
by The Morning Star December 16, 2005
1. the word provided in place of an actual opinion or thought, usually to avoid social discrepancies

2. common adjective describing ugly women who have a good personality
1. you look okay

2. your girlfriend is okay
by The Morning Star December 22, 2005
1. A girl attracted to guys that fuck anything three dimensional, but are unaware these guys fuck anything three dimensional.

2. An ignorant female.

3. An asshole/bitch.
1. Tanner gets a new cockbunny every week.

2. (See example 1)

3. Shut up, COCKBUNNY!
by The Morning Star December 16, 2005

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