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An expression when someone is being a dick for no reason. It is in reference to October 17th which is National Dick Day, the one day a year you can be a jag-off to whoever you want and no one can hold it against you.

Dick Day is also a Senator from Minnesota (www.dickday.org)
"Why's John being such a dick?"
"Must be his Dick Day."
#dick #hunting man #dickday #october 17th #holiday
by The Monster October 18, 2006
While titty fucking a girl, mounting and cocking the rifle, proceed to fart onto her stomach with your cheeks pressed firmly against her skin, the goose call. Once the girl raises her head in disgust blow one in her face; shoot that goose out of the sky. Finally, fish hook her and drag the her off the bed; bring that goose back to camp.

*If you do not plan to bring the kill back, this last step might be a good time to take a picture of your catch to show your buddies or they will never believe it.

AKA Goose Hunting
"You did what?!? We're goign to have to call you the hunting man!"
#goose hunting #goose call #fish hook #huntin' man #huntingman
by The Monster September 20, 2006
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