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A word adopted by Emo kids, who are annoyed about the fact that, GOD ALMIGHTY, someone else has the same plastic neon beads as them, and therefore they are "blatantly scene".

It's just a label so that when someone feels their so called "individuality" threatened by another emo, they can class them as "scene kids" and everything is all brilliant.

Also, the term scene can be used by TOTALLY HARDCORE emo's, who want to be SO FRIGGIN emo that they are like, actually BEYOND, and tada, they become "to scene for your ass". And it's suddenly all about how scene they are because christ, you would never catch them wearing drain-pipes, since they are actually not retro at all, and all the other less scene kids are wearing them to impress the emo kids that actually classed them as scene kids in the first place.

Yeah, basically. Scene kid's aren't the problem, it's the few emo's who are way to big headed to admitt someone else might have a clothing and music taste as carefully designed, copied and obviously "totally individual" said Emo.
Average Jo: Hey, did you see Kelly was wearing totally cool footless-tights the other day.
Arrogant emo girl: Friggin scene kid. She's only doing it cause it's "emo".
Average JO: I thought you had a pair?
Arrogant emo girl: I do, god, see what I mean about copying, friggin Scene kids.
by The Mona Lucy November 06, 2006

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