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The item served with a verbal slap to the face and a side order of curly pubic fries.
"I didn't order this, you twatburger!"
by The Mitchell January 04, 2005
(n) The name given to the people who submit racist or homophobic entries at urbandictionary.com. It seems these creatures have nothing better to do sometimes than submit their friend's names in an akward entry that makes us all want to scream "Poaner!"
"This definition is definetly poaner; please help get rid of it."
by The Mitchell January 04, 2005
(n)A shampoo used by soldiers to rinse themselves of the terrorists that hide amongst their dandruff.
Young Soldier - "Man I can't get rid of this itch and explosion of terrorism."
Old Soldier - "Here, try this. It's Terrorizal and it works; Just look at my head. And i'm a general now."
by The Mitchell January 04, 2005
(n) Meaning the most made up word I've seen in this dictionary. Now on to more pressing matter; like making up words!
"Who the hell made up pneumocorporialchemolysis and why didn't their mother raise them proper? I coulda invented a three letter word for this person 1,200 years ago - ASS.
by The Mitchell January 04, 2005
(n) The act of laughing lightly out of your nose. A form of breathing and chuckling but in the nasal cavity.
"Danielle rubbled when I said the joke at school."
by The Mitchell January 06, 2005
Please forgive me.
I accidentally fell on top of your mom. pfm Please forgive me.
by the mitchell October 22, 2009
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