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To release ones bowels. Another term that is fun to use for taking a crap.
I have to Liberate a shit, if you need me I'll be in the bathroom.
by The Minister December 28, 2005
A sack filled with Ho's, or promiscuous women. Many fun things can be done with a Ho bag. You can kick it, hit it with a big stick, throw it into a river. Some beleive that if you get them too riled up they become very agitated. Maybe because they want money, or for some unknown crack reason. What ever it may be that you decide to do with a sack of crack bitches. It's always a good idea to bring a Ho bag to any social gathering. You'll be the life of the party.
(Friend 1)Hey, did you see that Ho bag that Marky mark and the funky bunch brought?

(Friend 2)Yeah! I think I'm gonna go throw some rattle snakes into it, and than kick it for a while. You wanna join in?

(Friend 1)DO I!!?
by The Minister January 05, 2006
A drink that was actually created by a man who was trying to make another Cola, and accidently spilled cough syrup in it. He tasted it, and thought it was pretty good. The drink is not made with cough syrup today, but thats where it got it's strange flavor from. Don't believe me.... Look it up.
I love drinking cola, and cough syrup. Tastes kind of like Dr Pepper It's grrrrrrrrrrreat
by The Minister December 29, 2005

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