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A software application architecture that is extremely messed up, or FUBAR. Typically evolved over a period of time with multiple owners and a lack of vision, planning, or interest in quality.
I can't believe they are going to try to sell this fubarchitecture to our customers.
by The Mighty Badger August 25, 2008
An incompetent software developer. One who is uniquely unqualified to do his or her job despite receiving often unjustifiable financial gains. The professional software developer equivalent to a computard.
I couldn't believe that they were paying those devtards more than the project manager.
by The Mighty Badger August 25, 2008
A very poorly designed and often unnecessary attempt at utilizing one of the central tenets of object-oriented software, often detrimental to the success.
The latest version of our crapplication makes extensive use of encrapsulation in the design to insure mind-numbingly slow performance.
by The Mighty Badger August 25, 2008
Plural reference to multiple running instances of Firefox.
Lots and lots of eggdrops and Firefoxen on all my boxen.
by The Mighty Badger February 06, 2009

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