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THE BEST DRINK EVER! Tastes just like green apple jolly ranchers.... yummmmmmmm!
Pass that green apple biznatch!
by the midget November 27, 2004
The state of being bored and horny, usually occurs when somebody is alone
"Man, last night sucked, Tara was supposed to come over last night but she left me hangin', i was just sitting there borny as hell."
by The Midget January 15, 2005
When a girl starts a handjob, yet doesn't "finish" it.
"She started playing with my cock, but it was just some turkey jerky"
by The Midget December 20, 2004
Boulz is another pronunciation for balls, refering only the the testicles, not balls used in sporting events. It is merely for emphasis of such an impotant and enjoyable body part.
"Oh man, that herpes has spread to my boulz!"
by The Midget April 26, 2004
When you receive a handjob that causes you to ejaculate, see {turkey jerky}
"I didn't get a BJ, but I got some nice beef jerky
by The Midget December 21, 2004

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