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The Toronto tandem jump is a sexual act performed during a threesome that involves two males and one female. The smaller male of the two allows the larger male to penetrate his anus, and then proceed to lift him up and fuck him into the girl.
Dude last night I got the best of both worlds when we did the Toronto Tandem jump.

A penis and a vagina? You must have been lost in a carnal nirvana.

Ya and he made us both bleed.
by The Michelan Man January 08, 2009
It is a sexual act usually following after the act of fellatio. The man will then proceed to ejaculate into a crevice created by her wedging her breasts together. After the process of ejaculation he sticks his face into the breasts covered with his own semen and wish washles around.
Dude, she gave me head and I totally gave her the Michigan Motorboat.

No way dude.

Ya I can still taste it.
by The Michelan Man January 08, 2009

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