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4 definitions by The Merz

When you want to get stuck in and something is just getting in your way, you get obtainstuck!

Usual obstacles include Plunt Thor Thunder Tits or Shirker Bandits or guys called Sven.

It often sneaks up on you like a Patagonian Sneak Bear - you are all ready to go and BaNg - you are obtainstuck.
“Wow that Meer is getting proper obtainstuck man”

Triple H, I can't believe you won all my cash at poker, now I have no way of getting home - absolute obtainstuck!

What, they took my domain website name, now I'm proper obtainstuck!
by The Merz May 18, 2010
Traditionally when some not only gets out work but then lays it on you - a good old flim-flam man. It now extends to any masterof the jiggery pokery, who shirks work and then does a runner leaving you to pick up the pieces.

They are sharp tools.
Ross: Hey Sharman, don't you need to finish the GAS brief?
Sharman: I'm being transferred man, you'll have to take it all over, now I'm off to lunch!
Ross: You are the Monarch of Shirker Bandits!

Wicky, that small pirate, managed to get out of that markets work and now I need to finish it! What a Shirker Bandit!
by The Merz May 04, 2010
When a bald man tries to be a funny and instead creates a whole new level of clowning around.

When no-one laughts the baldie thinks it's because his jokes are too high brow - its actually because they suck.

THats some high level clownery.

Like a complement sandwhich without thte bottom - you think its a nice term and relise the jokes on you.

Often happends to a sharp tool.
Meer: Stuart you look like a panda, Lim you're a girafe...
Everyone - silent:
Lim (finally after a long akward pause): Meer that was..umm.. some high level clownery....you sharp tool pirarte mole rat!
by The Merz June 22, 2010
The monarch of congratulatory rebukes. A total Touché, a proper SnAp, an ultimate BaNg (or in vietnamese a Ba(Ng))!

Used to acknowledge a hit of the highest calibre.

When you have been PapAmed, you mentally stagger backwards, you are spiritually winded, like a punch to the kidney then to the side of the head, like you have been ravaged by a shirker bandit.

It is obtainstuck!
Meer: Hungry Hugh if you were an animal you would be a stoned panda.
Hungry: Yeah well would look like a hideous nude mole rat!
Meer: PapAm!

Sharma: L-squared you’re awesome. No you’re not you’re a f#ckin tool.
L-squared: Ouch - total PapAm!

Hutnut: Wicky stand up! I can't see you behind Sven.
Wicky: Dude, not only am standing up but I'm ontop of two milk crates.
Hutnut: I know, PapAm!
by The Merz June 07, 2010