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3 definitions by The Medicated

An uber nerd...ultra nerd...seriously hardcore geek...did you just get pwned on Halo, WoW, Modern Warfare online? It was probably a turbonerd.

(Thanks to the strange and rather sinister 10th grade ginger student of mine for the info)
I hate playing Halo online because the damn turbonerds blow your brains out before you even move
by The Medicated August 28, 2010
11 6
When the fire alarm or microwave goes off to let you know the food is done.
Well yeah, the house is filled with smoke and shit, but the ghetto dinner bell hasn't gone off so it isn't done yet.
by The Medicated April 06, 2011
1 0
When you take ground beef or other cheap meat and season it up and serve it like steak.
Dude, ghetto steak is still steak...it's red meat...except it's kinda been chewed for you.
by The Medicated April 06, 2011
5 6