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A common pseudonym used by professional and contract killers, political, economic or otherwise as an allusion to the Biblical apostle of Jesus Christ, Matthew, who was also known as the "Tax Collector". This reference is to the collection of a fee or "tax" in exchange for the act of assassination.
To claim Matthew as a Client, friend, associate or contact:
"I have a meeting with Matthew this afternoon."

To claim that Matthew will tend to an issue or incident:
"See that Matthew tends to the problem."

To reference Matthew as a solution to a problem:
"Matthew is good with these situations."
by the Mechanist July 25, 2009
Verb; to attempt to fix delicate or complex technological instrumentation by way of striking it repeatedly.
A reference Spike Spiegel, the fictional protagonist of Shinichirō Watanabe's Anime television series Cowboy Bebop. Spiegel is a former mafia contract killer and pickpocket turned bounty-hunter, famous for his nonchalance and charm, his solution to any technological malfunction is to strike the device.
To Spiegel:
"TV broke, Spiegeled it, now I can watch The O.C."
by The Mechanist August 10, 2009
Adjective; One who adheres to the doctrine of Mechanism (Universal or Anthropic - Anthropic being Mechanism applied to human beings), a philosophical theory that defines nature as operating on rules of physicality (mechanics) which can be explained by the fields of physics, chemistry and mathematics.
Attempting to understand the workings of nature by way of molecular kinetics and the research of the forces driving those motions: electric, magnetic, thermodynamic or otherwise.

In pop-culture: Gregory House of House M.D. expresses Mechanist viewpoints.
by the Mechanist August 11, 2009

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