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1. Any person who has three boobs.
2. Any person who believed the first definition.
Some one wrote gullible on that tree over there.
by The Me June 24, 2003
The process of hitting a metallic object with a wooden spoon. It is known for making a CLONG sound. Therefore lies evidence clonging was around when pots and wooden spoons.
Dude, lets TOTALLY go to the kitchen and clong some pots!
by The Me October 23, 2004
Anti-social Spanish immigrant homosexual college student. Prefers skinny blond pale white guys with soul patches. Pretends to be a vegetarian, but loves the meat.
Always says the before practically every word at the end of sentence. Pitcher, not a catcher.
The G'Alex said, "Don't kill the fly and I take it in the ass because I am the gay."
by The Me September 26, 2003
Has no meaning. Not to be confused with clonging and donging.
A: Flonging.
B: ...
by The Me October 23, 2004
Synonomous with clonging. Known for the hollow metal sound made by hitting a steel object with a wooden spoon. Not to be confused with flonging, which has no meaning.
Lets clong/dong but not flong!
by The Me October 23, 2004
1) a pug
2) the queen of all that is awesome
You know who that is? That's TOADPUPPY!
by the me December 10, 2003
Oopth doesn't really have a meaning. Its just like flonging. Someone just said it and here I am, making up a The-Definition for it. Come on guys. I need better material.
No meaning. Go away.
by The Me November 10, 2004
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