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A mysterious creature that can neither shower nor speak proper english. Even though it lacks the male genatailia the Nick is some how able to masturbate during math classes. This creature is often seen wearing a red coat, sadly it is only able to shed this coat every 4-5 years. It is often wondered how the Nick will carry on offspring as no female would ever mate with it. The Nicks obsession with childrens games such as Pokemon suggests it will become a child molester in its adulthood. No further data.
Example 1
Teacher: John why are there cum stains all over your math test?
John: uh...um...I just couldnt hold it in
Teacher: John you are such a nick

Example 2
kid 1:Did you see the way that kid blew his load all over the classroom?
kid 2: Yea I did, God what a Nick
by The Masturnator August 31, 2008

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