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The rudimentary Cougar, or MILF; as derived from the film "The Graduate" (1968)
"Dude, your mom is like THE cougar in this neighborhood. She's a straight up Mrs. Robinson."
by The Master Dutch October 05, 2009
Legion of Bored Housewives

Radical suburban wives who form guerrilla style organizations to; e.i. Search for the guy who sells drugs to their children, rig beauty pageants, sabotage a neighbors front lawn, start riots over a romance novel, ect...
"My mom has so much time on her hands. She makes big deals about the littlest things. She's almost a certified member of L.B.H.W the Legion of Bored Housewives."
by The Master Dutch October 03, 2009
Having unusual bizarre, and yet inspiring dreams after smoking a bowl before going to bed.
"Dude, let me tell you, I had some muffed up dreams last night. I thought I was being chased by Magnet People. But somehow, they made me face my fear about being sucked into the world of materialism, and trying to fit into a group."

"Did you smoke any weed before you went to bed last night?"


"People like that are called Dream Blazers
by The Master Dutch October 03, 2009
highly egocentric individuals who possess a certain rule of authority(preferably cops), in areas that experience no crime whatsoever, but assume there is.

Inept to rural urban settings;
"That school security guard was such a dick!"
"Why's that?"
"He gave me a ticket for going two miles over the speed limit, and then pulled me over and investigated my car for any illegal substances, even though I had non."
"I know. And worse, I got a ticket for over seventy-five bucks. And before he left, he said,"I know what your up to, kid. Don't think I don't know that your gonna go do."
"Talk about Suburban Outlaws."
by The Master Dutch August 31, 2009
the ability to hookup with girls at lightning speed.
"My buddy just hooked up with those chicks at the bar within seven or eight minutes of meeting them."

"Wow. Now that's Velvet Lightning at it's finest."
by The Master Dutch October 03, 2009
Shots of Moonshine
"Why are you guys curled up on the floor like that? Did you drink too many Moonshots?
by The Master Dutch November 11, 2009

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