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the physical action of putting two (or more) foreheads together to stimulate brain interaction, usually seen at certain high schools with certain debaters ;P
Hammer: Debaters have a weird relationship. They need to date people who are mentally stimulating.
Rose: Oh! Like brain sex!
Mark: What's brain sex? Like this?... *has brain sex with Rose*

Rose: hey mark...
Mark: hey rose....
Rose: you wanna have brain sex?
Mark: o...k...
Rose and Mark: *put foreheads together* AAAAAHHHHH! OH YEAH!

Webb: ......o.O.......
by The Master Debater March 29, 2009
To be the raw-est mutha fucka around.

To be so legit people drool when they see you.
"That kids so steggy, he's got bitches for days"
by The master debater November 21, 2013
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