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When two, or more (if there's a lot of chemistry) people's ideas combine to make another idea.
My friend and I were having some difficulty figuring out how to stop skipping class in the morning, so we decided to have some idea sex and out came a flawless idea. Just drop the class in the first place.
by The Marvelous Christian October 04, 2009
When someone sends you a text pointing out something that's wrong or doesn't quite fit in the scenario, but at the same time you act as if you never got a text because it's rather personal.
Yo we were on the bus with this guy we just met and he was a little too social, so my friend Novian sent me a sneak-attext saying not to mention where we were headed off to when we got off. If he were to follow us, things would've gotten real awkward.
by The Marvelous Christian October 02, 2009
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