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2 definitions by The Martell Family

A stinky, dirty, red-nosed, can picking, bike stealing, oldsmobile robbing, EXCO wearing, welfare cheating, knife toting, lysol chugging, indian mainly from Saskatchewan Canada, specifically high concentrations in north central Regina. Quite possibly the lowest form of life I've ever come across ...be very careful when travelling to these areas as the bogans may appear hilarious but they will rob you in an instant. Note - this definition is not racist just a very accurate account of our home town thugs. See also pelletier (many of them have this as a last name).
Shit that bogan just stole my Nikes and sold them for a bottle of listerine.
by The Martell Family February 06, 2005
A slang term for nigga originating from Regina Saskatchewan Canada. Less obvious and more stealthful to use than the original spelling of the word.
Shit that nyakah just stole my wallet.
by The Martell Family February 06, 2005