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A Famous Youtube Letsplayer,

Helloween4545 is a funny brit who makes anyone laugh
he has Letsplayed games sutch as, Cryostasis, The Suffering, Amnesia: the dark desent, Call of Cthulhu; Dark Corners Of The Earth and Many others.
He is funny in his irrational British way
His likeings are, Molestation of dead people, pancakes, horrer survival, and pointy objects
Bob: What are you watching?
Tom: Amnesia: the dark desent
Bob: oh whos playing it?
Tom: Helloween4545
Bob: Ugh, why cant brits just stay in british land, and leave us americans alone
Helloween4545: who you calling a slimy brit?
*Bob gets impaled by pointy alien tail*
Tom: this is why i love Helloween
by The Marek March 31, 2011
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