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2 definitions by The Majician

When in the act of having anal sex with your partner, you say you have to pull out for a second (to put on another condom or some other reason) then your friend switches in and starts having anal sex with her while you sneek around outside and wave at her through a window. then when she turns to look who is having sex with her your friend punches her in the face and at the same time you punch through the window.
Dude, she was so freaked out when me and my friend Double Hudini smashed her!
by The Majician August 10, 2010
Code word for: A really hot gymnast or cheerleader. most of the time a slut, but one of those kinds of girls where its like, "dude she's a slut!" "dude, who cares!"
Oh my god look at those Nuggets over there. sooooooo hot.
by The Majician August 10, 2010