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Certain people who's main attack is to jump up and bight your ankles. I'm not talking about slightly short or on the little side, I mean fucking SHORT people.

Short people generally have big hair and big personalities, to make up for their lack of height.
Tall people: I'm average and dull.
Short people: I'm smart and spunky to make for my lack of a lower body. It's weird 'cause my torso's pretty normal.
by The Magnificent Mango November 03, 2011
The worst trading card game in history. Period.

The basic idea is you subscribe to these cards in the mail, open them up excitedly, force your sister to play the game, get all angry cause the game sucks, punch a wall, go to the hospital, find an awesome way of playing the game, then get to school and find that no one has ever heard of them.
Weird and Wild Creatures Fanatic: The attack of the Emperor Penguin is so much better than the defense of the Cockroach.

Asylum Warden: Sure dude, whatever.
by The Magnificent Mango November 03, 2011
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