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Masturbating into a sock. Used only in times of dire need to masturbate when a masturbator has nothing to "finish" into. Popular when men are sleeping around other men.
I was having a sleepover and really needed to jerk off so I just sockturbating under my covers and no one noticed.
#masturbating #ejaculating #jerk off #sock turbating #sleepover
by The Mad Crasher December 31, 2009
Xbox played when naked.
No one was home so I was playing some sexbox but then my mom walked in and saw me naked and had a heart attack.
#xbox #naked #heart attack #mom #sex box
by The Mad Crasher December 31, 2009
Watching porn on a computer or other personal device while driving. May include, but is not limited to, laptops, ipods or cell phones.
I was watching some road porn. I wasn't paying attention so I was pulled over for speeding. The cop complimented my taste in pornography.
#roadporn #road head #porn #speeding #cop
by The Mad Crasher December 31, 2009
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