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1) To analyze and think way to much about what others are doing and thinking.
2) To possess the skill to look like you are busy when in all reality nothing really is getting done.

3) To constantly think that others are always mad or upset with you in some way.
"I just cannot help but to danny everytime I am around her. I don't know what I did wrong."
by The MI Shocker December 03, 2013
An expression often used as an after-the-fact gesture. Made plainly as to denote a sense of good nature and understanding with one another. Also it is often used in place of "I'm okay".
Customer: "Oh I'm sorry, I thought you liked Duck Dynasty because of the long beard that you have. My mistake."

D.H. "You're good!"
by The MI Shocker December 03, 2013
1) A phrase that derives from the movie Office Space, when consultants(The Bobs) are brought in ask what people do for the company, thus asking the employees to justify their positions in said company.
2) Someone suffering from this syndrome is someone at work, that at present time(past and future as well) nobody can figure out what exactly it is they do for 8+ hours each day. Question it all you want, but it is still a mystery.
Co-worker 1: "Where the hell is he? I have no idea what the hell he does here everyday. Seems like a whole lot of nothing."
Co-worker 2: "It is nothing, always nothing, if you take out the complaining. He has serious issues, one of them being that he has what people in the field called The Bobs Syndrome."
by The MI Shocker December 06, 2013
1) After sex, it is the waiting time(medically known as the refractory period) until the guy is ready to "practice his craft all over again." In most cases both parties are still slippery and sticky from the first time, so he just slides it in and repeats the process. Best outcome is that the dude knows what he's doing and the woman doesn't get to annoyed.

2) Doing something again even though the first time was a complete and total failure. Unfortunately this time, it is even worse.
1) Girl: What are you doing back there?

Dude: Ya up for a slippery repeat? I know I am!"

2) Dude #1 "What the hell is he doing here? Didn't he smash into some cars and fuck them all up?"

Dude #2 "He sure as fuck did. Guess he's a slippery repeater and must learn the hard way."

Dude #1 "A slippery repeater and an asshole? Great combo!"
by The MI Shocker December 04, 2013
1) Anyone who works at Walmart, and then complains about how shitty their job is. DUH!
2) Anyone who shops at Walmart, and complains about the shitty customer service. DUH!
"Fuck him, coming across as a Walmartyr. Bitching and moaning about work all the time. Fucking quit or shut up! He'd make more money on disability, which wouldn't be hard to prove considering being disabled is a requirement for working there."

"Fuck her over there for acting like a typical Walmartyr. The prices are so cheap, because there is no customer service. You want someone to answer all your fucked up questions/concerns all day, and hold your diabetic hand, then go someplace else and leave the 2 people who work in
this store the fuck alone. FUCK YOU!"
by The MI Shocker December 03, 2013
A person who must give you the smallest, waste-of-time, and meaningless task at work in order to show others( upper management) their "usefulness" on a daily basis(which mainly consists of hearing their own voice). This "task" takes no breaks, and therefore sometimes you are "asked" to do things on your break, lunch, and if they could get away with it, your day off.
Co-worker #1: "What the fuck are you doing back, didn't you go out to lunch today?"
Co-worker #2: "Yeah, but fuck me, I came back early and I got 'asked' by the Nickel-Dimer to follow up on an inquiry."
Co-worker #1: "Really? Haven't you learned to take really long lunches? You both are assholes!"
by The MI Shocker December 10, 2013
(1)A term told to some semi-conscious asshole, usually at work, when all they do is bitch, moan and complain about their job.
(2) A suggestion to someone who cannot seem for the life of them to get over a significant other.
Cheese Dick: "I can't believe they are making me unload the truck again. Don't they know my shoulder hurts? All they do here is take advantage of my good nature."
Co-Worker: "First of all you are an asshole. Seriously,move the fuck on because they don't give a shit about you and especially not your hurt shoulder, you useless Turd.

Cheese Dick: "I can't believe she's dating that guy. What does she see in him?"
Co-Worker: "Move the fuck on moron. The point is, is that she doesn't have to see you when she's screwing her way through your list of friends.
by The MI Shocker February 28, 2014
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