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Patron Añejo, an expensive brand of tequila.
"Take a shot of this here Patron, and it's gon' be on" - Usher
by The Lurker December 15, 2004
BMW, a fine German automobile.
"Drop top BMs, I'm the man, girlfriend!" - Notorious B.I.G.
by The Lurker October 26, 2004
radio edit for "fucked." Used in Green Day's song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and others.
"What's uckfed up and everything's alright..."
by The Lurker May 18, 2005
An adjective meaning expensive.
"Gas in California is mad bank! $2 a gallon!"
by The Lurker January 07, 2005
Not believing or disaproving
I slept with my sister

by The Lurker June 10, 2003
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