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One of the following: Kentucky, Missouri, West Virginia, Maryland, or Delaware. These states are sometimes said to be Southern states, but much more often are claimed as Northern or Midwestern states. They are called border states because of the divisions and tensions that developed in the United States from the early 1800s all the way to the American Civil War, as these states where located right in the middle of these arguments.
The border states are actually Northern states that have some Southern qualities and characteristics. For example, there were plenty of black slaves in every one of these states, and much of the economy was quite agricultural-based. However, the majority of people within these states fought for and supported the Union, and many of them saw the Southern Confederates as invaders and pillagers. In addition to that, these states received more European immigrants, had stronger economic ties with their other Northern and Midwestern states, and some cultural and social influence from the more Northern states seeped into these border states.
Kentucky and Maryland are border states. Though they are often called Southern states full of Confederate rednecks, they are really more Northern states who still have the same stronger economic ties with their sister states above them to this day.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary December 16, 2004
An awesome organization, and one that I am proud of having here in America. I love guns, but I still don't agree with murdering children in schools or people on the street through a drive-by. This is what the biased, liberal media wants you to believe: the members of the NRA are a bunch of trigger-happy, overly-patriotic hicks and rednecks who promote violence and murdering with guns. WRONG! Michael Moore and Rosie O'Donnell are two fat liberal pigs who are pushing this drive to ban our rights that are GUARENTEED by the Constitution. Do you really want to have your rights taken away?
My grandfather is a Korean War veteran and a member of the NRA, and that is GREAT!!! Keep in mind, there wouldn't be a 1st Amendment without the 2nd! Wipe your mouths, Libs; there's some leftover shit from your last spewing.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary December 09, 2004
An alternative equivalent to "ain't that the truth", amen, I hear you, or "I agree".
Seen on a bathroom stall wall: GAYS ARE BOUND FOR HELL.
Me writing in response: True Dat.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary April 16, 2005
A large group of millions of people and politicians who are rapidly losing respect and credibility. Ever since 2001, their acts of hypocrisy and hatred for the American right has showed their true colors to the entire nation. After the disastrious presidential campaign failure by John Kerry and the badgering and racial slandering of Condoleeza Rice to prevent a voting for her being in the new secretarial position, the liberals hopes, dreams, credibility, and social/moral standing are quickly going downhill.
The lame-o-crats have lost yet another election and are currently doing everything in their power to hinder Bush's efforts. Not that they HAVE much power, anyway.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary January 25, 2005
A Midwestern state in the United States of America. It has a population of roughly 4 million people, with the largest city being Louisville (Pop. 690,000). The next is Lexington with well over 266,000; then Owensboro with a population of 54,000, and Bowling Green with 49,000 people.
Kentucky is a state with a lot of Southern flavor and culture. However, there is also quite a bit of Northern/Midwestern influence and transplanted culture as well. It is also one out of four "Commonwealths". Overall, Kentucky is a midwestern state with mixtures of North and South, consisting of a very rich history and strong agriculture, growing products like tobacco, corn, soybeans, and green beans, raising the world's finest horses, and brewing the most bourbon in the entire Nation.
The people in Kentucky are very friendly and fun-loving.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary April 05, 2005
One of the stupidest record marketing ideas ever. This is basically a two-volume load of liberal bullshit filled with punk-rock bands like Anti-Flag (hmmm...sounds appropriate for this kind of message), The Offspring, None More Black, and Social Distortion.
If you hate George W. Bush, have no actual morals, and love to be manipulated by today's pop culture, then this CD is for you!
Rock Against Bush; what better way to poison the minds of these teenagers and punk-rock wannabes than through their own music!
by The Loyal Bush Legionary February 11, 2005
Something that faggot pro-Southern rednecks will say. They also say it too much. It is a mangled manipulation of "Get It Done" like every other normal person on this planet says.
You can think Larry The Cable Guy for bringing this retarded phrase into the mainstream.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary February 05, 2005
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