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A woman who, by demeanor and action, creates issues where there are none. A drama machine. She will commonly be found in panic, when you ask her what is wrong she will list horrible situations from the past, the present and quite possibly activities that aren't even true just to stir up shit. When she asks you questions, beware, it is rhetorical, she is bating you into her trap. It is how they hunt. They dwell within a web of lies and burned bridges wherein they create a nest which requires high matienance. These women should be avoided at all costs.
Trish: Oh, here comes Doloris.

Doloris: (In background) Oh my God, I just wrecked my car because I got a call while I was trying to drink my vodka. Could you loan me $50 so I can get some scrath-its? You don't want me to buy scratch-its?!? Do you think I'm fat?..."

Harrison: Christ, that woman is a Cuntastrophe.
by The Lord Bob Saget April 19, 2010
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