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Conformist american sheeple (often deviant) whose entire lives revolve around their own genitalia and/or the genitalia of others. Pee Pees are often found involved in group stalking activities for sexually motivated reasons. They get out of bed in the morning for their Pee Pees and for pursuing the Pee Pees of others. A Pee Pee eats, sleeps and breathes genitalia. Pee Pees are obsessed with their own crotches and the crotches of others. The way to their conformity, obedience and submission is of course through their Pee Pees. A Pee Pee would give up his or her rights and liberties in a New York minute for some Pee Pee action. Pee Pees will always sell out in exchange for Pee Pee. A Pee Pee is a giant genital with legs.
These sheepy pee pees don't care what is happening in their country or their world as long as they're getting their lambs rammed.

Those pee pees conform for sex. I can almost see a leash attached to their crotches.

(sarcasm) Who would have thought that you could control the sheeple with their own genitals? Pff. That's dinky... That's pee pee!
by The Lone Target June 02, 2011

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