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While having sex, you play your iTunes with the shuffle turned on and thrust to the beat.
Bob gave Sherry the ol' sex shuffle.
by The Loge August 11, 2006
While attending church, a woman next to you gives you an unexpected handjob.
John enjoyed a Sunday Surprise during the Father's homily.
by The Loge August 11, 2006
When a man cums on a bunny and has his friend pet the bunny.
Ben Affleck punched Matt Damon after Ben pet a scuzzle bunny.
by The Loge August 10, 2006
A Mexican Milkshake is when you blow your load in a woman's anus and then stick a straw in her butthole and drink the sweet nectar inside.
Juan was thirsty, but his girlfriend quenched his thirst with a Mexican Milkshake.
by The Loge August 02, 2006
Kool aid is a man's backup girl; one he can have any time of the day, like Kool Aid.
Tim: I saw you with Kelly the other night. Things getting serious?

George: Naw, man. Ahe's my Kool Aid.
by The Loge August 11, 2006
When you're doing a girl from behind and you pretend to release your load in her cooter, but when she turns around, you cum in her face and yell "gotcha bitch!"
Frank: So what happened with you and Michelle last night?

Greg: She fell victim to a Chappelle Surprise.
by The Loge August 11, 2006

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