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To place one's hand directly underneath another's breast, and then move it up and down rapidly in order to create a fast bouncing motion of the ta-taas.
Wow did you see Derek Lee faloomba-ing Liz in the boat pictures?? Just ask the poeple at Little Ceasers.
by The Liz November 01, 2004
when someone upsets liz. liz is either not happy with your response or actions. When this phrase is said, you must fix your mistake immediately.
An example of when this phrase would be used is if somone would have said,"liz, i dont think this is a good idea".
by the liz December 01, 2004
Whatever you want, in squirrle, who really cares?
Chi chiku chi ku ku kachu!
by The Liz May 15, 2004
keep swinging baby
Ku ku kachuu
by The Liz May 15, 2004
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