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A Rap Style that's totally different from Party Rap and Gangster Rap focusing strictly on Subjects the majority of Rappers don't Rap about. Most people that sell records well and get a lot of air play now in days will call it Preaching Rap.
Ohdeamed: I'm about to make this Gangster Rap song called "Put The Guns Down".

Ohdeamuday: "Put The Guns Down"?

Ohdeamed: Yeah Dad. It's going to be a Positive Song this time.

Ohdeamuday: Then that Gangster Rap song is a Alternative Rap song then.

Ohdeamed: Oh word Dad?

Ohdeamuday: Yeah, your song is Positive right?

Ohdeamed: Yeah.

Ohdeamuday: Now we getting somewhere. Alternative Rap is mostly Positive while Gangster Rap is Negative. There's no such thing as Positive Gangster Rap if you ask me?

Ohdeamed: Wow, I never thought about it that way Dad.

Ohdeamuday: Well know you know my son.
by The Living World January 20, 2011
A uncredited Hip Hop Genre that uses a lot of African Genre Samples from the following Genres: Highlife, Coupé-Décalé, Soukous, Juju, and sometimes Afro-Beat.
Prince African Press: (Listening to Music) Oh my God! Now that's Hip Hop!

Allahdyummu: Um ..... (SMH) .... not really.

Prince African Press: (Annoyed) What the fuck you mean man?! This is Real HIP HOP!

Allahdyummu: Not really! That beat is Afro Ground.

Prince African Press: (Controversially) What the FUCK is an Afro Ground.

Allahdyummu: (Calm) Hip Hop Music mixed with African Samples.

Prince African Press: (Thinking To Himself) .................. really? Wow, based upon samples, you do have a point. Brother you sharp man.

Allahdyummu: (Laughing) Thanks. Oh, by the way. It should highly be considered a Sub-Genre of REAL HIP HOP MUSIC. Because when you listen to the Hip Hop looped Traditions used by Producers back in the days, other Producers can re use what Producers have looped before and mix African Samples on that loop. Get it?

Prince African Press: Yeah. G I never thought about it that way. Hump. You learn something New Everyday.

Allahdyummu: Indeed.
by The Living World January 21, 2011

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