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a large load, of about 108 imperial gallons (491 liters). From the middle-english 'butt' (n), which is a large cask/container used for storing liquids, esp wine
I drank a buttload last night and had to get my stomach pumped from the resulting alcohol poisoning
by The Little Lebowski June 02, 2005
The sack that holds your "nards"... a "scrotum" (abbr. "scrote"), or "ballbag" ("baw'bag" in scotland). Also known as the "wee guys' hammock" since it is the resting place of the little baby machine spermees.
'Watch it, or I'll boot you in the nardsack so hard it'll bust, and you're wee guys will spill freely onto the floor"
by The Little Lebowski June 08, 2005
Pronounced 'Afden', this is a necessary 'workplace friendly' acronym for the term 'ass-faced-dick-nose'. This acronym also bears punerific humour in it's similarity in sound to 'Afton', which is a region of St Louis highly populated by immigrant Bosnians, most of which have faces that look like an ass, neatly adorned with a dick-like nose. The acronym was created in response to an increasingly 'professional' work environment, in which the term 'ass-faced-dick-nose' seemed to become 'unpopular' with the higher ups.
'Hey, that person is a complete afdn. I wonder if she's Bosnian?"
by The Little Lebowski June 06, 2005
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