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2 definitions by The Litter Box

The thing at the end of your penis that always has that little bit of cum in it yet.
I thought that I had cleaned everything up after I was done jerking off but my resevoir proved me wrong again.
by The Litter Box August 26, 2011
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People who have never been to a NASCAR race and think all their fans are drunk, mentally disabled inbred rednecks who only love NASCAR, professional wrestling, beer, country music and Dale Earnhardt Jr. They also think Nascar fans live in trailors and depend on welfare.

Their favorite phrase to say is "NASCAR sucks" because they're too blind and stupid to actually experience the sport in person.

Look at the facts:
Less than 10 full time drivers were born and raised in the south.
We race on ovals, Ds, a triangle, two road courses and a square. Where are the circles? THERE ARE NONE!
We race Chevrolets, Fords, Dodges and Toyotas.

We are not discriminatory against blacks, women, or Latinos. Look up Bill Lester, Danica Patrick and Juan Pablo Montoya.
Danica Patrick doesn't get all of our dicks hard. In fact, most NASCAR fans think she has no talent and she has the body of a pre-pubescent boy.

NASCAR cars can get up to 150 degrees. They have hardly any air conditioning, the drivers have to negotiate high speeds, they have to wear snowmobile suits, heavy duty gloves and a full faced helmet.
NASCAR Blinders: All NASCAR drivers do is go around in circles.
Guy2: If you think that way, let's go to the NASCAR race this weekend.

(guy1 realizes that NASCAR is more than cars driving in ovals. He finds out that the local economy gains millions of dollars for holding a race, he realizes that it is something a family can do together. He suddenly loves the speed and performance of the cars as they zoom by a 200 miles per hour. He finds out the guy sitting beside him is from Australia, they guy in front of him is from Riverside, California and the lady behind him is from Wisconsin. His opinion of the sport suddenly changes.)
Guy1: Thanks, man. That was awesome. I learned alot.
by The Litter Box August 26, 2011
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