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a modern phenomena that enables users of the hub to connect to other users on the same hub. typically, users of one hub are within walking distance from each other (as in a campus hub); therefore enabling the users to download materials at WHOPPING SPEEDS! A chatroom also exists for short distance cybersex.
Example 1:
Hey man, since i got on this campus, i downloaded 2600 songs off dc++.

Example 2:
Hey babe, whats your sn on dc++?
by The Lion Of Judda December 05, 2003
A term that indicates a hand rolled smokeable goodness. Joints and blunts are types of spliffs. A spliff does not refer to the contents of the rolled smokeable goodness. Typically it is used to refer to rolled marijuana.
Example 1:
Out in the streets facing problems,
What you need?
Right stuff.
Big spliff.
-- Black Uhuru

Example 2:
Me no have fi have no spliff
Me no have fi have no pipe
To see when the Rastaman a come
-- Culture
by The Lion Of Judda December 05, 2003
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