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1. The name of Bella and Edward's hybrid child.

2. The person Jacob imprinted on.

3. A name that could be used in place of the Loch Ness Monster.

4. The worst tribute to Esme and Renee the Twilight Saga has ever heard of.

5. Similar to Albus Severus Potter and Zuma Nesta Rock.
1. Renesmee touched her mother's face.

2. Renesmee is Jacob's world now.

3. "What's that coming out of the water?"

"It's Renesmee!"


"Oh, you know, the Loch Ness Monster?"

"Oh, ok. Stupid of me to forget that."

5. Bella Cullen, Harry Potter and Gwen Stefani decided to write a book of baby names and have theirs inserted first.
by The Lincoln August 24, 2008
The worst book in the series.

Breaking Dawn was a good book as a separate novel, but was horrid as the ending to the Twilight Saga.
by The Lincoln August 07, 2008

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