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A Way of reminding somebody that they are stupid by reinforcing pain as a method of making it permanent
A coofy hard is when somebody says something idiotic such as
"two+two=twelve right" following a comment of such nature a slap on the top of the head would occur and the person who is distributing it would say "Coofy Hard"
The more sever the stupidity the harder the coofy hard will get

Other people can get into the proceeding coofy hard by saying "Coofy Hard" right after
The more people that say it the more Coofy hard one will receive

So think about what you say before you say it. Cause you just might get incredible amounts of coofy hard
"Two plus two equals twelve right?"
"Nope, Coofy hard"

"What's a dolphin, isn't that some type of bird"
*Slaps on top of head*
by The Light Potato March 03, 2012

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