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P. Noun. The Speedy Tenor is one of the three god-like tenors that grace the world today. He possesses not only the ability of super speed, travling at speeds over that of the speed of light, but moving so quickly that a "clone" effect is produced, allowing him to accomplish multiple tasks at near instanteneous speeds. Also, this member of The Three Tenors is also known for displaying unusual heel clicking and falsetto skills. Although it goes without mention, The Speedy Tenor is almost too attractive, as most Tenors are.
"The Speedy Tenor, one of The Three Tenors, darted from place to place so quickly that the infrared waves given off from his body could only be seen after he had passed."
by The Legendary Tenor August 10, 2003
P. Noun. The Legendary Tenor, one of the mythical and awe-inspiring three tenors, possesses the ability to control, dissipate, and create various forms of energy. Like his two mythical brethren, The Legendary Tenor can heel-click and sing falsetto with the best of them. Also, like all tenors, he is ridiculously attractive. The Legendary Tenor is known for spewing out Tenorisms more than his other two Tenor friends.
"And then, with a quick blast of energy, The Legendary Tenor scorched out a new quote to his followers on the chalkboard."
by The Legendary Tenor August 09, 2003
A noun, originated in late 21st century America, in a small NY suburb. Anything that is contained under the category of a tenor statement or idea, which generally proclaim tenors as gods, as we all know them to be.
"A choir without a tenor is like a car without a muffler. You can pretend not to notice, but in the end, you know it's driving you up the wall." This statement is a Tenorism.
by The Legendary Tenor December 16, 2002
P. Noun. The Artillery Tenor is one of The Three Tenors. Not only does he possess the ability of untouchability, and a literally endless supply of explosives, weapons, and projectiles, but this Tenor also possesses "The Pinky". With a simply growl and extension of his smallest finger, this Tenor can frighten anything into doing his bidding, including inanimate objects, stray molecules, people, and god himself. Like this other two Tenor colleagues, this Tenor is very attractive; However, his falsetto abilities pale in comparsion to his friends. Fortunately, he can still heel-click, but also not as well as the other members of The Three Tenors.
"The Artillery Tenor said "Grrr!" and extended his pinky. As soon as this happened, bolts of lightning crashed down around him, the land divided in two, and he strolled across it, care free and passive."
by The Legendary Tenor August 10, 2003
When spoken by the non-Tenor, "bleh" is a simple interjection. However, when spoken by a Tenor, "bleh" transcends all languages, and can mean anything that the Tenor speaker wishes it to. This extremely advanced form of communication is understood and spoken only by Tenors.
"Bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh." Translation: "Wow, she's really cute, I wonder if I could get her phone number... Wait a second, I'm a Tenor, of course I can."
by The Legendary Tenor August 01, 2003
Noun. 10^63. Also means "idiot" "moron" or as an adjective, it's synonymous with "gay" or "retarded". Also, it can be used as an interjection, such as "Vigintillion!"
"That's pretty vigintillion, dude."(Adjective)
"You're a vigintillion."(Noun)
by The Legendary Tenor August 31, 2003

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