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Rooster from a gladiator background. Battlecock=Gamecock=Fighting rooster. A bird that has intense aggression, not trained to kill, just born in. All roosters will fight, BUT a Battle/Gamecock won't stop till his enemy has fallen and more often than not he will still pumble the already expired cock till he himself dies from exhaustion. Owners of Battle/Gamecocks typically take insanely great care of them "Mega huge pins, best food $ can buy, fresh water 3 times daily." Normally will end up fighting no more than 3 times and after that assuming he lives he will live his live in a monster pin with plenty of tail to pound, unlike egg hens which live in disgusting, disease-ridden warehouses in 4x4 battery pens with 15 other hens which ends up being incredibly cramped to the point of suffocation by trampling. If one was lucky enough to live to the age of 2 "if you call living in what makes Alcatraz look like paradise, lucky" you are then pulled by extreme force from your cage often getting wings/legs broken during this process and shipped to the slaughter house and so called humanely killed but in fact are just slammed into the ground until death comes.
'dude1' hey dude!, how have you been? 'dude2" ive been good but ive recently gotin into Battlecocks. 'dude1' you mean fighting roosters? dude your a cruel basterd! 'dude2' atleast they get ther shot at life. how many farm animals get to live til the actually die? most are killed in there pime for meat you jackass!
by The Legendary Battlecock May 19, 2011

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