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A totally uselessly over the top punch that could only hit a blind and deaf or incredibly stupid person because anyone would see the punch coming because of the ridiculously long wind up and/or hear you yell whatever punch related prefix you have to yell at the top of your lungs while winding up before yelling the final "PAWNCH!!!" as you thrust your fist forward at your unfortunate and stupid target.
Operative Badger: "FALCON..."
Blind-Deaf Idiot: *stares at sky*
Operative Badger: "PAWNCH!!!!!"
Blind-Deaf Idiot: *explodes*
by The Lawn October 30, 2007
It's POWERTHIRST!!! It comes in AWESOME flavors like MANANA, FIZZBITCH, and GUN!!!! It also comes in WOMEN!!! With PREPOSTEROUS amounts of testosterone! PREPOSTERONE!!!

If you drink it you'll feel like a fighter jet made out of biceps!

Think fast DOUCHE-FAG! POWERTHIRST now comes in DOVES!

If you drink POWERTHIRST you'll win at everything FOREVER!!!
Powerthirst is like crystal meth in a can!
Powerthirst is crystal meth in a can!
Powerthirst is crystal meth!

by The Lawn February 06, 2008
Spacking one Wagon implies that you used an over the top amount of force where usually less than 5% of the force you used would have done the job just as well. Thus Spacking the Wagon of your target.
"LollArz! Did j00 s33 me bring teh Spack Wagon down on his Behindage?"
by The Lawn October 30, 2007
A unique style of cartooning where you draw a picture with a caprion below. Usualy the picture is a mockery of or spoof on the meaning of the caption for humerous purposes.
A Gargle Toast
Caption: "You can't run from the fuzz"
Meaning: "You can't run from the police/law"
Picture: Someone running from a huge fuzzy monster thing.
by The Lawn March 15, 2007
Someone who's dickishly annoying.
That guy is a fucking buggercunt.
by The Lawn May 02, 2008
a vacation from playing World of Warcraft. Usually a 24-48 hour period where WoW is not played.
"I been playing WoW way too much"
"You should take a wowcation"
by The Lawn December 22, 2007

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