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Denmark - A once cool place (literally...) that was home of the Vikings. Proud peple which was grocely misunderstood 1000y. later as having been "violent and uncivilized" - they just didnt quite kno' how to make contact. So they chopped down as they went by, down the rivers of Russia, along the coasts of Bretagne, the Englis Isles.. even all the way to North America by Iceland n' Greenland.

Later Denmark ruled Northern Europe at interim occations but finally got their blow' of dead in connection w. the Napolean Wars. Since then they have been a small frightened contry wagging it's tale to the strongest contry in vicinity.

Allied files show that there was doubt wether to categorize them as 'german subregions' or allies. For good reason: their army fired 20 shots "20 !!!!" when occupied.

Today; a sad sight. Mostly a tourist resort. A bit more fallen apart than the rest of Norther europe, yet again slightly higher prised. People very narrow-minded, especially in the hill-billy regions (Jutland/"Jylland"), afraid of other cultures.

You'll enjoy our contry if you are a forreigner. It's a rare chance to step a couple of decades back in time... :-)
- The danes are brave: They stick to their allies and run once they reach the front line...

- The danes are intelligent: They use their liberties & rights, sequred by their stronger neighbours, to ridicule other cultures..

- The danes take a stand: They complain life-long about the taxes. Yet even the liberal govnerments are succesfull when they can claim: "This year the tax didnt rise as much as last year!!".

- The danes have a sence of reality: They suspect their way of life might be in danger. Ofcourse - no nation sustains itself by beeing cronically afraid of change.

/Thats denmark for 'ya
by The Last Wiking' July 19, 2006

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