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An insult - When someone is terrible at something they call them an imbecil - Originating from a pouncey MMORPG player.
Guy - I'm gunna jump off Mt Everest
Guy#2 - Imbecil
by The Koaladude September 11, 2005
Benefit fraud is when someone lies to get benefit. This includes people who are:

* not reporting they are living together as man and wife
* not reporting income or capital
* not reporting when they are living abroad
* providing a false address
* not reporting other benefits or sources of income
Tax Collecter - Its £50 if you have income and £20 if your unemployed? Are you employed?

Guy - Errr... No and I'm not commiting Benefit fraud either.

by The Koaladude September 18, 2005
An editor who rejects every definition he comes upon.

If you reject this definiton then you are a bad editor :)
by The Koaladude September 18, 2005
Wanker with a german accent. But I use it in chat rooms to get away with saying wanker without it getting filtered.
Guy - Up Urs Vanker!
by The Koaladude September 11, 2005
When you fail to hit at something.
Bad dart playa - *Throws dart - and fails to hit*
Commentater - Bad dart playa is up.. and he misses.
by The Koaladude September 09, 2005
Slang word for fear of Gays and everything gay.
Guy - Jim is having a serious stroke of gayphobia.
by The Koaladude September 11, 2005
A Cruel/Crooked Noob on an Online game, Which (Usually) won't share what little he has and is usually disliked.
Guy - Mate you have any Gold Coins to Spare?
Croob - No! Get Lost!
Guy - Aww.. Man, your such a croob.
by The Koaladude September 08, 2005
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