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When one person validates another's virgin anus with some foreign object, such as a glass bottle, baseball bat or a set of num-chucks. Due to the fragility of the virgin ass, glass is used to repesent it's delicate nature.
Chuck Norris gives the world a glass trumpet on a daily basis.
by The Koala Catcher November 08, 2007
< Origin latin., tenuis meaning flat, turpiculus meaning ugly, pectora meaning breasts>

A persistent, irrational fear of floppy, sagging tits; or a situation in which floppy, sagging tits may occur which leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.
"I need your help doctor, because of my TENUISTURPICULUSPECTORAPHOBIA I'm now on my sixth wife."
by The Koala Catcher October 16, 2011

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