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It's cooler than your Mom...twice...with soap!!

A team of ten children who slack off all year then go to competition where their only award is coolest shirt. The Ac-Dec children sport a shirt saying "Dumb Shirt Smarty Pants"

Made up of a chef, a gay guy, a shopping obbsessed senior, President of the world, an ax murderer, a 25 year old crazo, a kite flying teen, the alternate, a massuse, an oriental guy (CELEBRATE DIVERSITY), and of course the pretty one.
The Kit: Hey, Robert...would you rather be half a potato or a whole potato!?
Robert: I don't know...
Angel^2: Well if you were a whole potato you wouldn't be able to eat yourself.
by The Kit May 15, 2004
megan...what a possum
she talks and talks and talks about nonsense to her imagionary friends. sometimes i get the feeling she is really trying to communicate with me...it is so eerie...unsettling...
by The Kit October 08, 2004

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