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Another alternative word for a persons backpassage. (of north irish origin)
Im gonna toss your salad bitch plop that shitepipe down on my bake.

mavis that shitepipe's wrecked, whos been at it before me?

I'm gonna empty my bollocks in that shitepipe, thats right im gonna creampie ya!
by The King of NooNarnia February 03, 2008
A girl that barely uttereth a word, frigid sexually, generally devoid of half decent conversation. (Polly Skelton is a real person, i'm just using this word now to describe frigid girls) >_<
"Its like pulling teeth talking to that wee tart, shes a Polly Skelton."

"That was a fuckin' disaster, that bird i met was an awkward fucker, shes a Polly"

'Percy': "So... what sort of things are you into, Polly?"

Polly: "ummmm....Music."

'Percy': "Oh right, any favourite bands?"

Polly: "ummm...Enter Shikari...Aphex twin."

'Percy': Niceone....
by The King of NooNarnia August 23, 2008
Another word for a persons shithole. (my own word)
ly on your side i,m gonna stick it in your crap carton!

sally you've got me rockhard, let me stick it in your crap carton.

Did i ever tell you how much i love you...rr crap carton
by The King of NooNarnia February 03, 2008
A word used to describe downsyndromes.

They're like Marmite you either hate them or love them...
jesus!! That noo-noo's tongue is bigger than a 12oz sirloin steak! Haha look at that There's a yellow bus full of noo-noo's, stop licking the window your acting like a NOO-NOO!
by The King of NooNarnia February 03, 2008
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