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Street name for Lexington Steele. Porn star specializing in anal sex on white women. Gigantic penis known for annhilating the likes of Miko Lee, Monica Sweetheart, Gauge and Aurora Snow.
After doing a few scenes with Lex the Impaler, do those chicks have to wear diapers?
by The Kid! June 17, 2004
Latina phrase that can be used to express an emotional reaction.
Pleasure: Ay Papi! Damelo! Damelo!

Frustration: Ay Como Fregas!
by The Kid! June 17, 2004
Sexual Position. Standing 69 where you hold eachother around the waist, woman upside down. Man jumps up and down repeatedly.
I busted out the pogo stick and dropped the bitch on her head.
by The Kid! June 17, 2004
Taking offense at something and getting pissy and dramatic about it.
I farted in her face and she got all butt-hurt.
by The Kid! June 17, 2004

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